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About Me

I am Mirabelle. 

My colleges years were a mix of Photography, Social Studies and History classes and all of them didn’t stick until life kicked in. I only started to learn with my own mistakes, trials and success. Yes, the photo classes taught me darkroom techniques, compositions, lights and a lot more, but it’s when I started shooting that I learn the photography that would become my style and techniques.

After graduating in Montreal, I moved to Milwaukee in 2001 where I lived and grow a business for 12 years.  I am now based in Long Beach, CA since 2013.

I have been a professional photographer since 1998, but grew into my style in the last 10 years or so. I would define my style as colorful, candid, relax and whimsical.

I always search for the shot that makes me smile. I prefer photos that speak for themselves as oppose to fake ones. I appreciate any work that lets me shoot what I see. Therefore, I love children photography, portraits, bands and travel photography. Capturing a moment is more rewarding to me than creating a pretend one.

However, when I work with clients I respect their visions and capture what they need. Sometimes as a photographer, your style is only a little percentage of the shoot, and I respect that. I always found that my style has grown with those experiences.

I simply love being a photographer. It has always been my dream and I enjoy every minute of it.