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I am Mirabelle

I was born and raised in Quebec & Montreal, where I studied Photography and Social Sciences. I adventured my way to the States via Milwaukee where I pursued web development and design as another medium to express myself creatively. Proud pixel nerd, at your service! In 2012, I made my way to Long Beach, CA, where I’ve since planted roots and made a home with my husband and four babies (the dog and cat kind). 

My first language is French, and I love punk rock, my fur babies, and exploring new places.

I’ve been a professional photographer for over twenty years, but I’ve really grown into myself as an artist in the last decade or so. I would describe my style as colorful, whimsical and candid. I love capturing authentic moments but I also appreciate staging a scene and be creative with my clients. 

There is nothing more beautiful to me as an artist than humans being human, and I love any work that lets me shoot people as I see them, especially in the subtleties of everyday experience as it unfolds. This is why I especially love shooting day-in-the-life photographs of families and children, bespoke portraiture, and the wanderings of my own travels.

In addition to creating meaningful photos for clients, I’ve developed a passion for sharing what I’ve learned about making photographs over the years. So, I created a space here to share everything I’ve learned in the past two decades with you, through tools and resources for aspiring photographers and anyone who wishes to express themselves a bit better through the lens. If this sounds like you, please take a look at the tutorials and local, in-person classes I offer here. I hope my fellow creatives, and anyone curious about taking their photography skills a little deeper, will find something here to guide them.

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Merci - Mirabelle