A heartwarming story

Today's blog is about the sweet story of 2 sisters who found each other.

My friend Janet has an awesome dog called Lily. She got Lily some years ago.

Last summer she took Lily to the dog beach, here in Long Beach. Once they got there, she let Lily loose and watched her run around, get dirty in the sand and get a couple of swims in.

After a little time as pass, she saw Lily taking liking to another dog. This dog, I forget her name here, looked like her. They were playing and licking each other’s faces like she never saw before. She assumed Lily was just happy to have found a friend to play with. As she watched Lily and her new friend play like it was the best game ever, she started to talk to that friend's owner. It didn't take them long to realize that they got their dog from the same place 5 hours away from Long Beach. One the same week. Turns out, that friend was Lily's sister. They both had been adopted by a loving family and moved hours away from each other. But that day, against all odds, they found each other on the beach. Remembered each other and maybe even catch up a little. Talking about their new lives, adventures, new families. But mostly, they played as they did when they were puppies together.

Even thought the owners live far from each other, they still get together often to let the girls play at the beach or the park. To let them have this bond, that was so strong that they recognized each other on the beach that day.

Isn't the sweetest story ever?

At least from an animal lover like myself, this story make me smile, tear up and give me a sense a comfort knowing that life can always "throw you a bone " when you least expected.

After Janet told me that story, I asked her if I could shoot the next meeting.

This is some of the shots from one of their play dates.

*please excuse some of the overexpose shots, it was too sunny and I was far too taken by the moment to expose properly.

I should know better, I know. But sometimes it’s not about how great the shots turn out, but about what you are shooting.

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