Green Day's Dookie is 20 years old.

Since 1992, Green Day was my life. Seriously, I was a silly punk rock girl dreaming of Billie Joe and listening to his songs. The silly part was that, English not being my first language ,I wasn't too sure what the song where about, I loved the music and once I read the text, I felt that the song where written for me. But that's how we all are with our idols right ? The reason why we love a band, buy the tape cassette or vinyl, wear the shirt and attend the show, is because those songs speak to us.

I will spare you the details of my Green Day infused teen years. The reason why I wanted to share this is because "Dookie" turned 20 yesterday. And that made me think of that part of my life, that part of me.

The reason why this is big, is that, although for some of us, Punk Rock never died, Green Day's "Dookie" brought punk rock back to the mainstream. Or at least for a while. Remember the 1994 VMA's ?

When the bands where awesome and actually playing instrument ? And not just this skin showing, meat dress wearing , computer noise that is now the VMA's artist of choice. Anyway.....

Green Day made this happen. I won't go into the long story here, but if you want: Billboard had a great review yesterday. You can read it here.

For my part, I want to mark the event with some photos. Those are taken from my Green Day Scrapbook -it's a thing. And had to be scanned, so quality is not the best, but the sentiment is awesome.

The first image is from 1992, me wearing my Kerplunk t-shirt in High School ( I was 15 ).

*Notice that the image is a film and the text is backwards. Darkroom mistake.

It was March 25 1994, in Montreal.

I still remember the day like it was yesterday. My friend Mathieu and I skip school to attend the Green Day show. We had to be there as early as 2 pm in order to maybe run into them and talk with them. Everybody thought we were crazy, but we didn't care. This was our chance.

(* They played a year before with Bad Religion and Seaweed but they where the opening act, the venue was big and the show went too fast to really sink in. )

This time, they were playing at Les Foufounes Electriques, they were the main event and the venue was small. So, with our fake IDs in hand, in Mathieu's car, blasting the new album "Dookie", we went.

We parked and walked around a little . At 3 pm or so, we saw them outside of the bar, in the back alley, by their van ( not bus, van ! ) So we meet them. Talked to them. Well actually Mathieu talked, I was too impressed to say anything and my English was not good at all. So except for a " HI, I am Mirabelle..... nice to meet you ... " I simply smile like a moron, shake my head when Billie Joe shake his head, and look on, my eyes filled with tears and joy, hoping this was the moment he was going to propose to me.

These are the pictures.

After that, My friend Mathieu, Fred and I embark on a Green Day adventure. For the next 4-5 years we were at all the shows, vip or not, at live interview, etc.... If they played in Montreal, Quebec, Toronto, any town that we can drove too, we were there. We used our contact and often got to hang out with them again.

(* I still have the beer bottles we drank and some stage towels they used. )

Exhibit A:

Those were the days. We were nerds, groupies, fans. But we never stop loving them.

I am now 37 year old and punk rock is still my music of choice, I still attend shows frequently and always will ( judge if you want, Punk rock shows make me happy and that will never change).

But that day in 1994, we saw it happening, we witnessed the beginning of Punk Rock part 2.

And for that,


* this post might be filled with grammars or/ and mistakes, but it came from my heart and don't want to edit the way it came out, hope you can still enjoy it. *

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