How to shoot lifestyle pictures

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

Taking lifestyle shots that are all about real moments, the real life feelings and everyday details that make our lives so special. It is more than taking candid shots. It is about capturing images that reveal a story. A personality. A relationship. A feeling. There are a few tips I’d love to share that can help you to create the most beautiful and meaningful picture possible.

Find the perfect light

- Of course you don't want to disturb the moment, but you need to have enough light to get a great image. You can move around as much as you can, in order to get the perfect light. Or often, I simply crank up my ISO, so I get more light without changing the moment. This is not studio photography, you cannot control the light, but you can absolutely control your camera.

Change your perspective

- Keep moving around & shooting different angles. Take risks and change up your composition or your angle – shoot from above, from below, shoot from unusual spots (through a plant, with the camera resting on the table a child is drawing at, etc.). Keep changing it up as each perspective helps tell part of the story. And don’t forget to try & take some shots that give you a sense of the subject’s perspective. I often shoot laying on the ground so I can get all the best expressions.

Get the details the way they are

- Mess up areas show are real messy kids are when they play. Shoot it the way you see it, but also clean up after and shoot a different version. Let the sun in and take the moment in a cleaner look. It will give you 2 option to choose from. I say this because sometimes a busy background take away from the shoot. You will be glad to have another option to choose from. Just in case the mess takes the focus away from the subject.

Take shots that show your environment

take the tight shots closing in on details and faces, but pull back too so you can capture your surroundings that help tell the whole story.

Crop - Crop - Crop

- When I edit I love to see an image past what I shot in the first place. Sometimes you get a shoot but when you look at it, you forget the story that you first saw. Crop the image and the story will most likely come back to you. When I shoot this image, a lot of toys were on the side of Sunny, making it hard to see how magical a little girl learning to stand up can be.

One more thing

- Don’t forget to include yourself in the picture once in a while. You will be glad you did.

This is pretty quick tutorial, But if you follow these tips it will help you capture lifelong memories that you can frame or simply be proud of.

You can also find more tips about understating ISO HERE and a lot of interesting resources At Cole Classroom.

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