My little man Martin

Updated: Aug 23, 2020

Because I am heartbroken and trying to make sense of the last week, I am writing this, about Martin. My little man. My sweet boy. My 12 years old black Chihuahua mutt with an energy to no end and a strong heart. He was a gentleman who loved a good routine. He changed my life and open my heart to what a second chance really means. This blog post is a mix of memories, our routine details and Instagram posts.


Who he was & his life with us

as much as my broken heart can remember for now

Because of trips and work I didn't spend the full (almost) 2 years with him. I regret this so much. I should have been with him all the time and showered him with love and joy EVERY second. I understand that we didn't know our time with him would be so short, and we did the best that we could. But I don't care, I regret all the missed moments, kisses, smiles and adventures. But here some of the parts I remember.

It all started August 4, 2018. When I found myself at a shelter in East Valley, Los Angeles. At the end of the volunteer class I wander into the shelter and spotted an older dog. He was a black small Chihuahua mutt. He looked like a messed up version of my dog Wednesday. He was in a room with the other older dogs. They were all barking. There were maybe 12 of them. He wasn’t barking and seemed so little and confused in the middle of all the commotion. I asked about him.


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August 4, 2018

As we departed the shelter for my house. Los Angeles, CA

Here’s the deal. Today after years of wanting to do it but being seriously to scare of not being able to handle it, I volunteer my skill as a photographer and took pictures of shelter animals to help get them adopted. (end of the part where you find out im such a good person). As I was leaving I saw an old messed up version of Wednesday. Asked for his story and turn out he was 10 years old, blind in 1 eye, skin and major dental issues. He was rescued a week ago after what they assume was a life on the street. They were trying to get him adopted but he also was on the kill list due to his medical condition and age. So I adopted him.

He will require medical attention and a lot of training but he is mellow and stop shaking the minute he meet my yard. This is not the best idea for my family nor my wallet, but my head and heart sure feel great about it. So, inter web, meet Martin Kilkenny. Better pictures to come as soon as he stop sniffling his new surroundings.


August 4, 2018 at 3:28PM

This is him as the lady was telling me about him.

She told me that he was found walking in the streets a week ago and looked like he lived on the street. Although I am not sure a dog his size would survive 10 years on the street, it was clear that he never had proper care.

My heart went to him right away. I called Kevin and ask if I could rescue him. He said yes. I then called my dog walker, Julia to see if she would allowed to help him with my other dog for no extra cost. Because she agreed that he needed a good life, she said “of course”. This mattered because with all cost about to double, I needed to make sure I can afford it. After a quick math I went back inside, told the lady I would adopt him. To be clear, I probably would have still taken him, he was my little boy the minute I saw him. Regardless, money where given, papers signed, medical exam and more papers. After all of this me and him where in my car leaving for his new home and his new life, our new life.


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August 5, 2018

Second day at home with us.

Martin Kilkenny. He is now rocking at walking with a leash and smile a lot more. The cats are kind of okay with him but Wednesday will need more time. He only has 1 working eye but he still look very curious. Or maybe he just look curious because he only see with 1 eye. He is super mellow and once we get him potty train, I think he will fit in just fine. Blood test tomorrow night, so let’s hope all is good so we can get him fix and pull out the dental disease. Overall, saving his life was a great decision. #adoptdontshop

Saving him was still the best decision of my life, however now I am fill with regrets for not looking into ALL possibilities of health issues earlier on. I look at his smile and wish I would have taken all the extra steps to make sure all was going to be okay for him and to allow us to have a longer life with him.


From the moment he got home I remember him being pretty happy. He loved to eat. We brought him to the backyard and he seem to simply enjoy the grass, pee, smile and came back in. Not much of an outdoorsy kind of guy. We realize pretty fast that we wasn’t potty train but no surprise there. We taught him to go to the door and that when you potty outside you get a frozen green bean. We never yell or said no to him if he peed in the house. We understood that he was never taught. We brought him out every time, let him pee and give him a green bean as we came back in. It wasn’t too long before he understood. However he never barked to tell us that he was at the door, so we bought our little man some diaper wraps just in case we missed it. It worked.

Couple days in we also realize that he did not understand walk on a leash. But after a couple more days, he got it. And LOVE it. He was always smiling, trying to walk next to Wednesday, which was not a fan of him. He would look at us, smile and keep walking. We would drive to show him other, better neighborhood. Today, as I am trying to remember all memories with him, I wish we would have seen more. But we did the beach, the park, Signal Hill and our favorite neighborhood often. But overall, I think he only loved to walk with us. Actually, I think the routine is what he loved the most.

For the first 3 months or so, we kept him in his crate while we were at work, but Julia, our dog walker would come and let him out. After a while, I started to feel that it wasn’t fair to him, so we let him roam the house. He really only slept in his bed in the living room anyway while we were away. Again though, today, I regret the time he spend in his crate during the day. I thought it was safer for him, but I should have not done this. While he slept most of the day, it was more happiness for him to be free in the house. The crate still seem to feel safe to him, so he slept in there every night. It was his bed.


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September 2, 2018

Long Beach, CA

Update on Martin: He is eating like he never eat before. His coat is coming back slowly. He his recovering from his neuter surgery well. His favorite thing is walks. He is learning that he is safe with us and relax more often. Still potty training him but because he is deaf it takes longer to praise him when he potty outside. Less accidents in the house but still doesn’t know how to ask for the door. He likes his crate a little more. No more urinary tract infection. Blood test clear. Heartworms clear. The other 3 girls are warming up to him. And Wednesday even tried to play with him this morning for the first time. All and all, he is doing great. Still blind in 1 eye but there is nothing I can do about that. Oh and he wakes up at 5:50 AM on the dot every fucking morning. So no need to have an alarm anymore. So we save tons of money on that. #adoptdontshop


His routine then was to wake up at 5:30- 6AM. Sit in his crate and make little sad noise to let us know he was awake. Eat. Walk. Julia would visit at noon. We would be back at 5PM. Eat. Walk. Playtime and relax time with us in the living room. Bed by 9:30PM. He would fall asleep in the living room with us, we would wake him up to let him go potty and put him in his bed. He would growl but eventually wake up. He hated to be waking up. After the bedtime potty it was time for peanut butter kong in his crate, he loved that part.

Sometime he would wake up before 5:30AM and was so excited to be up and about, knowing food was coming. He was so easy. So happy.

We took him to new places for walks and at first he didn’t know that car didn't have to mean vet. Once he realize that car was fun time, he was up for anything. We would come out of the house, he would pee on the same lamp post in front of our driveway and looked up at us to see what is next. If we picked him up for the car he would sometime growl at us, but that stopped as he started to trust us more. He eventually was all smile and cuddle.

I would sit with him, rub the top of his ears and stare at his eyes. Telling him how much I love him. Just giving him so much love. When I pee he liked to come in the bathroom, sit next to me and let me pet the side of his face. He would then run out of the bathroom all excited, stop, turned around and come back in. He would do this the whole time. He became so sweet toward me and Kevin. With others it took longer, but again, I assume he lived a hard life and didn’t know love and trust. So he was use to defend himself. And that was always okay with me. Sad but I understood. You had to gain his trust, and that is only fair.

He would walk around the house with his little wrap diaper, taking naps or following us everywhere. If Kevin was cooking, Martin was next to him the whole time hoping for scraps to come down. I was so afraid of him eating anything bad, that Kevin would be so careful and I doubt he ever got something off the floor. But he still stayed next to him. After each meals, we would lick the floor. You can see little circle traces on the floor as his tongue made the rounds.

If Kevin was the one to wake up with him, he would eventually come by the bed and wake me up. Waking up to him always, always brought a smile to my face. Even super early in the morning. He was so happy to see me and start a new day. I love waking up to him. I never once resented how early it was or how hard it could get. Spending time with his love and smile is all I needed.

He would make me laugh. Bring me so much comfort to know that he had a second chance at a life filled with love & security. He made everything better. Both Kevin and I would trade anything for a chance to be his parents again.


Fall 2018 -

One day I saw that he had some bloody stool. So to the emergency we went. The first one was so busy we waited for 8 hours before someone saw us. The whole time he was sleeping in my arms with his head on my shoulder. We would go outside, pee, more blood, but still no doctor. When they finally saw him, they said it was a bad stomach aches. I went back home with some meds and super pissed. The next day he was worst. We rushed him to another ER and they saw him right away. They did x-rays and found that he had gas in his intestinal walls. They had to keep him overnight. I was a wreck. But the next day he was much better and we took him home. They told us that since he probably never had a great diet, that the food we give him now was too rich for him. So we change for a bland type diet. Kind of boring but he loved it. I added mash carrots often in hope to help his eye and give him more vitamins. He love it all. We follow up 2 weeks later and he seem to be out of the wood.


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November 4, 2018

Long Beach, CA

Last weekend was scary for Martin’s health. But after today’s vet visit, he is getting better. This is 2 of my babies on the walk this morning. They are happy. Happy Sunday to all and to all a good day. #adoptdontshop

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November 4, 2018

Long Beach, CA

Fun fact about Martin. This is his good eye. When I sat him in his car seat, to see outside he faces back. So he is sitting looking backward, it makes me laugh every time. Here we are, all 3 of us facing front and him facing back. Such an original. #adoptdontshop

This didn't last. Eventually he got it right and faced up front with us. He would look at Wednesday on his right side and smile. He loved open window the most. Both of them in their respective car seats, smiling, as we drove to fancy neighborhood for nice walks, is something I will miss dearly.


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December 25, 2018

Our first Christmas & Christmas card with him


His tail was cramp for some reason and it would move with such joy everytime it was time to play, everytime he was running, when he was seeing us, or when he was just being excited for meals and treats. And he smelled like chocolate. I don't know why and believe me he never got any, but his head was a mix of baby smell and chocolate.

His teeth on the other hand was bad. He came to us with dental disease and it was always something we were planning on doing once he was strong enough. We never got the chance to make that better for him.


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April 6, 2019

Long Beach, CA

Walking my babies this morning, Kevin said “stop, I want to take this picture, you look French as fuck.” So proud of the photographer he is turning out to be. #frenchie #dogs #longbeachcalifornia ..... picture by Kevin.

While we walked him, he looked so happy and intrigued that I am afraid he never got any walks before us.


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April 14, 2019

Long Beach, CA

4 of my favorite things..... We are returning Dave broken. Sorry, thank you for coming. We love you.

I included this post because I want to have ALL moments that Martin did with us. And for Dave to meet him means a lot to Kevin and I. I would have love for Martin and Buddy to meet. Because our time with Martin was so short I got sad that not that many people in our lives met him. So to realize that Dave, who means the world to Kevin and I, has indeed met him brought a smile to those sad last days.


The walks at first where normal, he loved them. He would smell, smile and try to catch up to Wednesday and walk by her. He would look up to us to make sure we were right there with him. At some point he slowed down, and probably wasn't up for long walks, so we would hold him and he smiled and look around. Enjoy the breeze and the smells. Kevin would hold him in a sitting position and rub his belly as we walk. That was his favorite, he smiled so big. It is one of my favorite memory of him.


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August 11, 2019

Signal Hill, CA

Early walk with my babies. #Dogs

I remember that morning, Kevin was on tour and it was the weekend. I decided to take them both to Signal Hill for a nice walk. There is always a breeze there and as I put them on the ledge to take pictures, Martin looked as if the breeze and the full view made him so curious. I love those pictures from that morning. Just me and them. They looked so happy and content. All they needed was me and a little adventure.


One of my top favorite memory, is just him and me by the open window. I would pick him up and we would look outside together. I would pet him and he would enjoy the breeze with all of the smells that would make his nose twitched. He seem so happy and content, in my arms like that. His vision was not the best but once in a while, he would move his head because a car drove by or some people walked by. Toward the end that seem to be the only thing that brought comfort to his belly ache. This is actually how we were when he fell asleep for the last time. This is where I now sit and cry. I miss him.

This picture is NOT of his last time, I did not document this. This was sometime in 2019.


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November 30, 2019

Long Beach, CA

This is the season. Martin first time at the Christmas tree lot so all he cared about was the ground. Wednesday knows the tradition so she was more intrigue by the dog peeing a on tree. It's cool he work there.

I don't remember why we skipped this tradition the year before. I am glad he got to experienced it with us. His curiosity seem to be triggered on all levels. The pine smell, the other people with dogs, us walking next to him. We even let him picked the tree. He peed on one of them and we took this as a sign of him choosing our Christmas tree.


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December 24, 2019

Long Beach, CA

How to have a holiday stress free part 2: Skip the card and send a digital version instead. I love making Christmas cards. Every year, the shoot, the editing, the choosing of the paper and the sending. But this year, I have to skip it. Other things are making my head explode. So from The Kilkenny Band to your family, I wish you a wonderful holiday season. Merry Christmas and happy birthday to me. The printed cards will return next year. Be safe and merry and please donate to animals shelters or anything that can use your help. Maybe spread the love all year long also.