Little Ones

When I started my photography business, I imagined myself shooting bands and travel locations around the world for a living. While I did pursue work in those fields initially, child and family photography is where I found my passion, and where I believe I shine the most. To capture the most authentic pictures of your little ones, I style these sessions as a play-date, where the focus isn’t the camera, but rather in engaging them in the process organically, letting them chat and pretend and emote, and just be themselves. Allowing kids to be active in the process, rather than just the subject of photos, makes having their pictures taken an adventure for them. It allows them to shine, and allows me to capture that precious light for you in photographs.


Because of my love for photographing kiddos in their natural habitat, I’ve also created some online tutorials for parents who want to learn techniques they can use themselves to take meaningful, expressive, and unique photos of their littles on their own. You can learn more about those HERE.

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