Little Ones

During a Little Ones session--we play! Kids are my favorite folks to photograph, and I love to capture those spontaneous moments of wonder and curiosity that come naturally as children engage with the world around them. My goal is to let your kids be themselves, have fun, and catch that shine!


Lifestyle Photography, for me, is the art of the everyday. Some photographers have a clearer concept of what “lifestyle” images means to them, but to me it is a big mixing bowl of things that I like to freestyle photograph.


Families are the best. And so is the opportunity to document those ordinary moments and idiosyncrasies and expressions of love that make you and your favorite people unique. As with my Little Ones sessions, I like to take a playful and engaged approach to capture what makes your family YOU. Just think of me as a family friend who brought their camera along for the day (…and just so happens to be a photographer)!


Here are my travels. These images document the slices I’ve seen--the different colors and cultures that makes our world. I don't typically shoot people while I travel, so in these images I focus on color, composition, and place.


Portrait sessions are the most personal of my work. Rather than posing, I take some time to get to know you as we work together to capture your most authentic self (or selves). I am available for one-on-one, couples, or BFF portraits, and you will always be an integral part of the process.


With love in every frame and playful moments created in cahoots with the wedding party for the bride and groom to laugh about forever--how can they not make you smile?

My Portfolio